Modern Art bathtub and basins

Modern Art bathtub and basins

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MONSTER HOMES (QLD) selected the Brancusi bath and basins from VOLUPTO for one of their recent projects. Simple, elegant, and timeless, the Brancusi line is a tribute to the great Romanian sculptor. The result is a bath that is as pleasing to look at as it is to plunge into. It is incredibly comfortable, enveloping your body for the perfect bathing experience. What’s more, its stone composite material ensures great excellent retention.


VOLUPTO offers a wide range of standard colours, but it's possible to choose any DULUX or TAUBMAN'S fandeck colour to match other elements of a project.

"Colour is a very important element for a bathtub or basin, and we're very proud to offer our customers this unique colour-matching option. While white, limestone and dark grey remain our most popular colours, we've produced some stunning bathtubs in avocado, peach, pink or even rainbow over the past year. And the results are astounding", says VOLUPTO manager Vincent.

Brancusi bath at Monster Homes project


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