Oversized Antique Javanese Pots

Oversized Antique Javanese Pots

Hailing from the verdant slopes of East Java Island and down to East Timor, these antique water vessels—crafted from terracotta clay or limestone—once served as the lifeblood of local households, preserving precious drinking water. As time marched on, their practical use faded, yet their aesthetic and historical value has only grown. Each vessel is a testament to its past, boasting a distinctive patina, hue, and form, often adorned with the name or numeral of its original dwelling.

These vessels are not merely antiques; they are timeless treasures that offer a touch of authenticity and antiquity to any space, be it indoors or out. Their robust, watertight nature makes them versatile—ready to be repurposed as planters for your botanical beauties. Should you wish to transform them for drainage, a simple modification at the base will suffice, though we advise caution due to their venerable age, spanning 40 to 80 years.

Our selection process is meticulous, each vessel handpicked during our explorations across Java, ensuring you receive a piece steeped in history and rarity. As time progresses, these vessels will likely become scarce until they become impossible to find.

Please handle these vessels with care, as their age renders them delicate. They will arrive encased in a wooden crate, with freight costs calculated at actual rates.

Embrace the legacy of Java and Timor with these exquisite vessels, each one a fragment of history, ready to grace your home with its unique story and charm.