Care Guide

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  • All of our bathtubs have a smooth finish and are solid all the way through.
  • All of our baths are hand crafted so some mild colour variation may occur.
  • Baths arrive fully sealed and can be easily cleaned with normal gentle household cleaners.
  • Never use BLEACH, JIFF, AJAX or any type of abrasive cleaners, never use solvent like acetone as these will remove the sealer and will lead to stains.
  • When filling your bath, always run the water using hot and cold at the same time so as not to shock the stone with too much heat as the stone will be cold to begin with (especially in cold weather).
  • Do not use bath bombs, Epsom salt or magnesium, essential oils in your bath as it may remove the seal and create stains / marks.
  • Do not leave water in your bath overnight as it may create marks.
  • If you do not intend installing your bath straight away, you must cover it, so nothing enters the bath surface and cause staining.