Our Materials

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Because our clients have different needs, we use a wide range of materials (stone, concrete, stone composite, river stone or megalithic rock, marble, petrified wood, and copper) to create beautiful bathroom furniture.

Renoir Stone Bath in Limestone


Stone used to create our freestanding stone baths is quarried and crushed, refined, mixed, and then moulded into shape. The whole process is done by hand, using German oxides to achieve the greys and blacks. It takes our team two days to refine and sand our free-standing stone baths to the desired finish.

Stone baths have wide walls (usually 40mm) which gives them this natural earthy look and feel. They weigh between 250 and 330 kg and this needs to be considered for the on-site handling and installation process.

Stone Composite

Stone composite is a lightweight option, made of a non-porous composite stone material which was first introduced by Dupont in the 1960s and has been accepted by the market for more than 50 years. The whole process is done by hand, and it takes our team two days to refine and sand our free-standing stone baths to the desired finish

Stone composite baths come with thin walls (usually 20mm) which gives them their sleek, contemporary look and feel. They are light and weigh between 100 and 150 kg which make them ideal when accessibility is an issue. Because our customers sometimes prefer a more earthy natural look but still need a lightweight option, we are now introducing a new 40mm thick wall option on all our stone composite baths.

Our stone composite baths, unlike acrylic tubs, can be used outdoors in full sun.

All our stone composite bath models can be matched with a basin from the same collection or combined with one of our 30+ basin models to create your dream bathroom.

Brancusi Stone Composite Bath in Speck Grey

River Stone

Megalithic rock baths or river stone baths have become popular over the years, particularly for outdoor bath projects. They are stunning and will be a central feature in any garden / outdoor living area design.

The rock used for our river stone baths is taken from the mountains of Indonesia and hand carved over 6 weeks to your requirements. It can be finished in a thick edge or a blunt rounded edge.


Copper is one of the nicest materials available to manufacture baths and our collection would not be complete without offering some of our signature models in this beautiful metal.

Copper has been used since ancient times to make drinking vessels and it is still today the material of choice for water pipes due to its antibacterial properties. So, it is a great option for a uniquely designed freestanding bath.

Copper does oxidise naturally whether it is used inside or outdoors. Oxidation will happen at various speeds depending on the elements it is exposed to but the beauty of it is that it leaves a beautiful blue-green colour known as Verdigris on its surface. This oxidised layer acts as a barrier and protects the bath from further corrosion. However, if you prefer your bath to hold its shiny golden look,…

We only use food-grade copper to ensure it is perfectly suited for our sensitive skins.


Meticulously selected for its exquisite beauty and durability, marble is transformed into luxurious bathing masterpieces. With skilled craftsmanship, our supplier sculpts and shapes the marble, harnessing its natural veining and texture to create a truly unique and stunning bathtub.

Each piece is unique and a testament to the inherent elegance and grace that only marble can provide, elevating your bathing experience to new heights of opulence and sophistication.

The marble used for our free standing marble baths and basins is taken from quarries in Indonesia and hand carved over 6 weeks to your requirements.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is a fossil, a stone with preserved natural wooden texture. While it is not particularly rare, finding good quality petrified wood with interesting colour patterns is more difficult.

We carefully chose each piece one by one based on its size, shape, and colour. Each piece is unique as it has been created by nature and shaped by hands.