Installation Guide

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Inspection upon arrival

  • When delivery of your bath is taken, please check it while still in its crate (you can remove the plastic protection cover at that stage). Take pictures of any damage (chips, cracks, scratches). Any claims for chipped or damaged items that have been removed from their crates will not be accepted.
  • If your product is fully packed and concealed within a wooden box, we understand you might not be able to inspect it within 48hrs of delivery. However please report any damage to the wooden box itself with pictures.
  • For basins, please open cartons to inspect products.
  • You have 48 hours following the delivery to report these damages to

Handling and storage

  • Do not store any of the products outside without proper protection as they may stain from leaves or other outdoor elements falling into the bath/basin. Store on a flat surface, cover the product and store away from the work area to help avoid any damage.
  • Care should be taken with the handling of the bath and basins as they are fragile and may crack or chip if shocked or dropped.
  • The crate used to transport your bath is also of great assistance for the handling of the bath. Your bath must remain in its crate until it reaches its final location. It should also remain under a plastic protection sheet until it its ready to be installed to prevent damage while other trades are working in the room/area.
  • The bath is very sensitive to point load. Placing it on end with all the weight on one point can cause damage and cracking.


  • All our products should be installed by a fully qualified plumber.
  • We recommend you use a high bonding silicon when mounting the bath.
  • Do not over tighten the waste as it may crack the base of the bath / basin / custom sink.
  • Contact us if advice is needed for installation or you are uncertain of any aspect of the fitting of the products.
  • All trades must have very clean hands or wear surgical gloves when handling your products.
  • They must not stand in the bath with work boots on
  • Before the first use, do not use any abrasives/Bam/Jiff etc or solvent like acetone to clean your product as it will remove the sealer and will damage the surface of your product. Simply clean it with soapy water and dry with a towel.
  • No claims will be accepted by Volupto Pty Ltd because of poor handling.



  1. Your bath must be left in its crate until it is in its final location. Only then can the crate be removed.
  2. When ready to install the bath, cut the top part of the crate off using an electric saw. Do not use a hammer.
  3. Remove the top of the crate by lifting it straight up. Do not bend top of crate to the side as this may cause damage to the bath.
  4. Cut off the vertical wooden poles one by one until the bath is left bare sitting on the crate base.
  5. You can then gently slide the bath to the floor level, using a protection blanket if necessary. Make sure there are no protruding nails left on or around the crate base to avoid any scratch to the bath.
  6. Follow normal bath installation process from there on.