Oversized Antique Javanese Limestone Trough

Oversized Antique Javanese Limestone Trough #1

Embrace the legacy of Java and Timor with this exquisite antique water trough. A fragment of history, ready to grace your home with its unique story and charm.

Please handle these vessels with care, as their age renders them delicate. 

PRICE: $2,250

NOTE: due to their considerable weight (around 50kg), shipping fees for our antique pots will depend on your location. Please request a quote for an exact shipping cost to your postcode. 

Dimensions 75 x 75 x 50 cm – $2,250

AVAILABILITY: Each unique antique pot is in stock at our Sydney warehouse and can be shipped within a matter of days if not hours.

We deliver Australia wide, including to remote areas.

Antique pots will arrive encased in a wooden crate, with freight costs calculated at actual rates.

Delivery cost and times will depend on your delivery location. Please click 'Request a Quote' or contact us for shipping rates to your address.

We pride ourselves in serving our customers as best as possible through superior product design & quality, competitive prices and great customer service.

Please contact our showroom in Sydney for any technical / installation / warranty enquiries you may have.

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Please follow our detailed care instructions for maintaining and cleaning your product.

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