Volupto custom made Japanese soaking bath in stone composite

The joy of a Japanese soaking tub in your own home

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A modern take on the Japanese soaking tub, these stone composite baths can be customised in size and colour – allowing full expression of style, paired with ultimate relaxation.


In recent years, Japandi design has been making its way into homes across Australia – its clean lines, neutral colour palettes and emphasis on natural materials all focused on creating calming spaces.

From soothing neutrals to natural, textural materials such as stone, the trend is a fusion of wabi-sabi and the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Two new customisable bathtubs from Volupto are the perfect addition to bathrooms exploring Japandi design, where the goal is to achieve ultimate relaxation.


Introducing Volupto’s Japanese soaking tub with custom colour options

A stone composite bath that can be freestanding or installed against a wall, the Japanese stone composite bath features sleek lines and a stunning, smooth stone texture.

“We are one of the very few – if not the only ones – who can provide this type of bathtub in custom sizes. We can make any size up to two metres in length, one metre in width and 80 centimetres in height. Within that, we can do any size.”

Options are also available to customise the Japanese soaking tub with the addition of a seat and backrest, and the edges can be rounded.

“In terms of colours, we can match to about 30 colours by default. We can also match colours from any colour from Dulux or Taubmans fandeck to match other elements of a project.”

“Colour is a very important element for a bathtub or basin, and we’re very proud to offer our customers this unique colour-matching option. While white, limestone and dark grey remain our most popular colours, we’ve produced some stunning bathtubs in avocado, peach, pink and even rainbow over the past year. The results are astounding.”

Made for two: the Hokusai freestanding soaking tub

Designed for two people with two seats, the Hokusai freestanding soaking tub is another option for those wanting to create a serene bathroom experience.

“Our Hokusai freestanding bath is inspired by the traditional Japanese soaking baths measuring 75cm at its deepest point, more than enough to submerge yourself up to the neck without even fully filling the bath. We made this bath long and wide enough to ensure two people can sit and soak together for a unique relaxation experience.”

The Hokusai freestanding bathtub is also made from stone composite, allowing it to be made with custom colours.

Hokusai Stone Composite Bath in Dark Grey Terrazzo Hokusai Stone Composite Bath in Dark Grey Terrazzo

What are the benefits of using a Japanese soaking tub?

Deep with steep sides, Japanese soaking tubs allow users to sit immersed to chest height in the water. The practice of daily bathing in a tub such as this has been commonplace for centuries in Japan – believed to cleanse the body as well as the mind.

Traditionally made from wood, modern designs such as Volupto’s Japanese soaking tubs fit seamlessly into modern homes, while still offering the same benefits – including easing muscle and joint pain, moisturising the hair and skin, and helping to de-stress.

“The only thing to be aware of is that, while the tradition with Japanese soaking baths is to leave the water in there, this is not possible with our baths. It’s not a bath you can leave full overnight, simply because it will leave marks at the water level.”

Volupto’s typical lead time is approximately 10-12 weeks. If you’d like your bathtub to be a custom colour, an additional charge of $200 is required to allow for testing to achieve the right hue.

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