Choosing the Right Bath Material When Weight Is a Concern

Choosing the Right Bath Material When Weight Is a Concern

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Our customers often ask a straightforward question: “How much does this bath weigh, and will my floor support it without any issues?” The answer involves a few considerations.


1. Floor Weight Capacity:

  • Concrete floors in newer houses or apartments can handle significantly more weight than older timber floors or timber decks.

  • Whether you are planning to install a bath yourself or use a builder, you should confirm your floor’s weight-bearing capacity to ensure a safe installation.

2. Bath Weight and Material:

Baths vary widely in weight, ranging from as light as 40kg to as heavy as 2,000kg. Here’s a breakdown of typical bath materials and their weights for baths measuring 1700 to 1800mm in length:

  • Acrylic material: Approximately 40kg

  • Copper material: 40 to 50kg

  • Stone composite material: 110 to 130kg

  • Concrete material: 200 to 400kg

  • Natural stone (Riverstone, marble, petrified wood…): 1500+ kg (the heaviest one we have sold so far was 2,500kg)

    3. Considering Water Weight:

    Remember to account for the weight of water when choosing a bath. Assume the bath will be completely full:

    • Each litre of water weighs 1kg.

    • As an example, if your bath has a volume of 250L, the water will weigh 250kg once the bath is full.

    • People’s body density is roughly 1, so whether you fill your bath with water only or a mix or water / people does not change the total weight.

    4. Total Weight Calculation:

    Let’s calculate the total weight for each material, assuming a 250L volume:

    • Acrylic: ~40kg (bath) + 250kg (water+people) = 290kg

    • Copper: 40/50kg (bath) + 250kg (water+people) = 290 to 300kg

    • Stone composite: 110/130kg (bath) + 250kg (water+people) = 360 to 380kg

    • Concrete: 200/400kg (bath) + 250kg (water+people) = 350 to 550kg

    • Natural stone: 1500+kg (bath) + 250kg (water+people) = 1750+ kg

    5. Additional Information:

    Our spec sheets include bath weights, total volume capacity, and the average water volume needed to fill each of our baths to a comfortable level (10cm below the top edge) with one person.


    Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about bath weights or volumes for your project!

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