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How Much Water Does a Bath Use? A Simple Guide

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People often wonder how much water a bath uses, and rightly so. Whether you’re ensuring your system can provide enough warm water, relying on tank water, or simply considering your water usage, understanding the factors involved is essential. Let’s break it down.


  1. Bath Size and Capacity:
    • Renoir 1200mm Bath: This compact bath, often referred to as a “baby bath,” is perfect for small bathroom spaces or one to two small kids. Its full capacity is 155 litres, but baths are rarely filled to the brim. Considering the immersed part of your body, you’ll need around 95 litres of water to fill this bath with one person in it.
    • Da Vinci 1500mm Bath: A standard one-person bath, the Da Vinci has a full capacity of 275 litres. To fill it with one person, you’ll need approximately 175 litres of water.
    • Dali 1800mm Bath: Suitable for one or two adults, the Dali bath has a full capacity of 310 litres. Filling it with one person requires around 210 litres, or even less if you’re sharing it with your better half.
    • Hokusai 1800mm Soaking Bath: This Japanese soaking bath is designed for a luxurious experience. With a whopping capacity of 725 litres, it allows you to soak up to your neck. For a two-person soak, you’ll need about 500 litres of water.
    • It is all in our spec sheets: All our bath spec sheets include both the full capacity and the average water used to fill the bath with one person.
  2. Comparing Baths to Showers:
    • Comparing bath water usage to showers may not be entirely fair, unless you are considering replacing your everyday shower with a big soak. Baths offer a unique relaxation experience that showers can’t replicate. So, consider both eco-friendliness and indulgence when deciding between the two.


Remember, a well-deserved bath can be a delightful escape from the daily hustle. So go ahead, fill that tub, and enjoy your dream bath!

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